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Tips for crew and guests

Members and guests are welcome to join BCC cruises, and our top priority is that everybody enjoys themselves and stays safe. If you are going out on the river for the first time, we hope that the guidelines below will be useful.


Preparing for you day ..

  • When it's cold it may be colder on the water especially if it is windy or wet. Layered clothing with a warm, waterproof coat and a hat will help keep you comfortable and dry.
  • When it’s hot, it may be much hotter on the water with little shade. A long sleeved top and hat will help protect you from the sun. 
  • A bottle of water will help stop you becoming de-hydrated.
  • It's easy to get sun burned even on cloudy day when you are on the water so a layer of high factor sun cream is often advisable.
  • Please wear soft soled shoes as they will keep you safe and prevent damage to the boats
  • Some guests are happy to sit back and enjoy the ride, while others are keen to get involved. Whichever category you fall into, please let your skipper know so that he or she can accommodate your wishes
  • If you are a non-swimmer, please let the skipper know so he or she can advise you when you should wear a lifejacket. Even if you are a strong swimmer, you may decide to wear a lifejacket.